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We specialize in turning small batch parts as small as one piece orders. Whether you have a job that needs 20 pieces or 1 piece, reach out to us for a quote today. 

Email Derrick at

If you have full engineering drawings, great! Send them over! If you have nothing more than a sketch on a napkin or just an idea in your head, that works too! Simply send us an email and we can help you get started with everything from creating a print to the final machined part or assembly. 

Materials We Machine

  • Grade 5 Titanium

  • Aluminum 6061, 7075

  • Stainless steel 304

  • Brass

  • Custom - Don't see if, feel free to reach out and see if we can machine it

Titanium Shock Bolts
Titanium Shock Bolt Set
Titanium Conical Washers
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