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Below you will find information on the colors we offer. This should help guide you in your selection of colors. And if you have any further questions please contact us.




Copper/Bronze is a really cool looking color. If you're after Kashima gold, this is the color we would say most closely matches the gold of fox rear shocks therefore it is darker than Kashima on forks.


Bronze is the most thin color layer. While it looks rad, it is the easiest to scratch and is prone to discoloring. So keep that in mind when ordering Bronze. 

Gold is an awesome color that can be either bright or more of a Kashima gold tone that more resembles a Fox fork. It will typically be slightly lighter than that though. If you want a gold we feel is closest to the Kashima Fox fork, then make a note at check out and we will do our best to hit it for you.




Purple is one of the most vibrant colors titanium can be anodized to. Purple is one of our favorite colors to do and looks like bright purple titanium candy when it is done. You wont be disappointed if you chose purple. 

A nice vibrant blue is one of the more challenging colors with titanium to hit, but we think the blue looks great. It can also be in various shades, however if you are looking for something that it closely matches then it looks very close to Deity blue in person.



Turquoise is a beautiful greenish blue in person. If you are after this accent color you will not be disappointed. 



Green looks awesome in person. If you are looking for a comparison we would say its just slightly darker than DVO green. We have sold this to a lot of customers with DVO suspension and it works well with it.


Oil Slick


Raw/Natural is just raw titanium. You will have that titanium look that looks great on any bike

Our oil slick is not done with heat treating or PVD like most oil slick. We anodize each piece by hand using a three step process. This gives each piece a unique look and we feel its some of the best looking oil slick in the business.

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